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Fan Fan

Lightweight Fan made of wood and hard plastic

Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $8.00
Dan Gum Dan Gum

This Dan Gum is made out of the finest Red Oak. It is approximately 11 1/2" in length.

Price: $15.00
Mok Gum Mok Gum

Wooden sword for training forms and light contact

Price: $20.00
Kids Ssang Jeol Bong Kids Ssang Jeol Bong

Ssang Jeol Bong made from foam and a shorter chain

Price: $20.00
Ssang Jeol Bong Ssang Jeol Bong

Ssang Jeol Bong made from red oak. 12" length

Price: $25.00
Gum Do Gum Do

Wooden double edged straight sword

Price: $25.00
Bamboo Sword (JukDo) Bamboo Sword (JukDo)

Bamboo practice sword - Great for striking and heavy contact

Price: $28.00
Peeled Rattan Staff (Bong) Peeled Rattan Staff (Bong)

Peeled rattan staff

Price: $30.00